General Fund

The General Fund of the Holland Society of New York supports the administration and engagement activities of the Society. One excellent example of donations to the General Fund in 2016 is the development of the new website, which also has a large impact on our library, archives, and de Halve Maen journal.

Library Fund

The Library Fund is dedicated to the restoration, cataloging and acquisition of material concerning the 17th century New Netherland. The main project for 2016 is the cataloging of 4000 items in our online book catalogue.

Archive Fund

The Holland Society has an extensive archives collection, ranging from materials of Annual Banquets through the years to maps and 17th Century records. In 2016 we restored and made an inventory of the vertical name files, which can be found here. There is still a significant amount of material to uncover and share with the public in the archives.

de Halve Maen Fund

de Halve Maen Journal is edited by noted New Netherland scholar Dr. David William Voorhees, editor of the Flatbush Church Records and Director of the Jacob Leisler Institute in Hudson, NY. The fund supports new research illuminating the Dutch contribution to American history.

The Holland Society of New York, Federal ID #13-5145420, is a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to which are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.