Gold Medalist Jerry L. Ross.

Col. Adrian Bogart III, Dr. David Voorhees, Past President Bill Van Winkle, Gold Medalist Jerry L. Ross and President Andrew Terhune.

Past President Robert R. Schenck with his lovely wife Marcia Whitney-Schenck.

Donald and Leslie Speranza.

Past Executive Director Annette van Rooij and Executive Director Odette Fodor-Gernaert.

George E. Banta and Phebe Banta.

Welcome from President Andrew Terhune.

Annet van der Velden, Consul General of the Netherlands Dolph Hogewoning, Jurgen and Marieke van der Velden.

Annette van Rooij and Dr. David Voorhees.

HSNY Gold Medalist for Outstanding Achievement, Col. Jerry L. Ross and Directress-General of the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, Elbrun Kimmelman.

Mr. & Mrs. Wyckoff, Past President Dr. Robert Schenck and Stephen Nostrand.

Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dolph Hogewoning.

Banquet Chairman Stephen Wyckoff.

The Nostrand Family and Col. Adrian Bogart III.

Beth and Jeffrey Wyckoff.