Association with the Holland Society of New York is by two means: through regular membership or becoming a “Friend” of the Holland Society.


The Holland Society has branches across the United States and internationally. The branches organize great activities, such as weekend trips, visit to the Netherlands, lectures and social gatherings.

During the Spring Annual Meeting the Holland Society Members elect and install officers, followed by a dinner. At that time, one outstanding Member of The Society is honored with a medal denoting “Distinguished Achievement” in their field.

The Fall Banquet in New York is our famous dinner-dance. During the Banquet, the society honors a citizen of the U.S. or the Netherlands, with a medal for “contributions to a field of human endeavor.” Presidents, royalty, pastors, generals and astronauts are among those who have been honored with this award. These fields included government, diplomacy, literature, religion, science, journalism, art and, public service.

Types of Membership and Payment

There are several different types of Membership, please view our options below:

Membership Type
Age Range
Friend of the Society
All Ages
Annual Membership
30 years +
(Junior) Annual Membership
18-29 years
Life Membership
0-10 years
Life Membership
Above the Age of 10

When you complete the application form on our “Join” page, you will be contacted by the office with application forms for joining and a guide to completing the application. Please contact us with any questions.

Junior Membership (0-17 years) entitles member to no dues payments for 5 years after reaching his/her 18th birthday,